Lucky is an adorable dog. His fur is white and fluffy with small light brown spots. Seeing him today you would never suspect that he had a less fortunate start in life. When Brian found Lucky he looked terrible skinny and had big sores all over his body and head. He was rescued from a man who was beating him and taken to the dolomite plant. In truth I was not too happy about this as it is hard to feed and maintain so many dogs. However, with good nutrition Lucky soon became a beautiful and lovely dog and you could not help but adore him.

My long time friend Elena had just started working with us again (now that her kids were getting big). Elena and her family wanted to get a dog and we agreed that they should meet Lucky. After everybody in the Parham family had approved of Lucky he moved to his new home. Today he is looking better than ever.  He is very spoiled, especially by Salomon who is of the opinion that Lucky can do no wrong. Lucky loves to go for a ride in the family’s car. He is indeed a lucky boy!

About the Author:
Anne Brorsen is Danish and has lived in Punta Gorda since in 1991. Together with her husband, Brian Holland, she came to Belize to start a business, Belize Minerals Ltd. which produces fine-ground dolomite.  
Since then they have adopted / rescued many “pot lickers”. Currently, the family includes 5 dogs at their residence and 3 at the dolomite plant. 

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