On a hot Sunday in April we decided to cool off with a picnic by the river. First stop was Santa Ana Falls but there were too many people. Therefore, we continued and ended up by Jordan. On the way down to the river we saw a white, very skinny and mangy looking dog. You could tell that with a healthy diet she would be a beautiful and elegant dog. Unlike most pot lickers she was not afraid or skittish but came right up and looked at us. Obviously, she was weak and very hungry so we started feeding her and ended up giving her the whole picnic including a whole cream cheese with fresh herbs and garlic, tuna salad, bread and some digestive biscuits.
Brian’s sister, Verda, was visiting from Texas. She and her husband are dog lovers like us and have adopted no less than 7 dogs from the dog pound. We could not bring ourselves to leave her and ended up taking her with us. She is staying at the dolomite plant with Tom and Betty and is a ferocious eater who quickly gained weight.

Because of the mange she was chewing her tail and one elbow. We could not use tactic due to the broken skin but treated the mangy spots with Matacresa and ivormectin in the food. It took a while to work but now, a little over a month since we got her all her skin and fur is beginning to heal. She is looking good.
We have good news for Lily! She has been adopted by a Belizean / English family with a baby boy in PG. Her new home includes a fenced yard, a dog house, a cat and a couple of more dogs. We are sure she will be a good addition to the family and hope she will have a wonderful life for many years to come!
About the Author:
Anne Brorsen is Danish and has lived in Punta Gorda since in 1991. Together with her husband, Brian Holland, she came to Belize to start a business, Belize Minerals Ltd. which produces fine-ground dolomite.  
Since then they have adopted / rescued many “pot lickers”. Currently, the family includes 5 dogs at their residence and 3 at the dolomite plant. 

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