Last weekend I went for the first time to take pictures of the dog my friend Brian Holland and I rescued a couple of months ago.
 It was quite distressing when I found out from one of my customers that in along the seaside in Punta Gorda where they were staying there was a dog that had been hit by car.  I went to have a look to see if there was anything I could do. I’m not a vet but it looked to me that the dog had a broken back. She could not move and was in that same spot for quite some time. Out of desperation I called my friend Brian. He and his wife Anne have rescued many dogs in Punta Gorda and they are known in town for their knowledge and kind hearts towards the K9 family. 

Brian came within few minutes. We gave her some water and food and she drank and ate everything we gave her. In the mean time Brian got hold of a local vet and we took her over to him. He had a look at her and told us that she did not have a broken back and she didn’t seem to have anything broken (there is no X-Ray in PG). After a couple of injections we took her to Brian’s Dolomite Mine (neither me nor Brian could take her to our house because of the dogs that we already have) to see if she would improve. I got a bag of dog food for her and Brian and his watchman took care of her and a week later they told me that she started moving about and trying to walk. The Watchman became very attached to her and decided to name her Betty. It has been 2 months since we took her from the street and she is walking about and even tries to run! I was so pleased to hear that she is recovering well and I took Nicola to see her last weekend for the first time. Now we are trying to find her a nice home with somebody that will care for her. At the moment she is happy at the mine with her friend Tom, another young rescued pup. They are getting along very well!
Punta Gorda, and Belize as a whole, has quite a bad reputation for dog treatment. There are a few of us who are trying to change the way people see dogs. For most of the Belizeans a dog should be put on a chain in front of the house and stay there for the rest of its life. But there is an emerging upper middle class of Belizeans that are beginning to see dogs as pets, so there is hope.

About the Author:
Karel Kuran in manager of TIDE Tours and freelance photographer currently living in Punta Gorda, Belize.

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