On his way to the dolomite plant Brian noticed what looked like a small pile of dirt on the road. Something made him stop the car to take a look. The first thing he noticed was a pair of amazing eyes starring at him and when looking closer, he realized that is was a tiny puppy. Joe, as we call him, was terribly skinny, had hardly any hair and his left back legs was broken. He looked like a possum and used his last strength to wriggle his tail.

Despite the sorry state, Brian picked him up and took him to the plant. The employees didn’t think he would survive. We took him home to see what we could do. The vet recommended that we make a brace for the broken leg. Joe was so small that we used a wooden ice cream stick – broken in half – and padded the leg with cotton wool. With this he was able to stand when we took him out in the yard. However, he was so small and weak that he would topple over when the grass was swaying in the wind.

For 4 weeks we treated his leg while nurturing, bathing and worming him. We fed him all sorts of goodies like home made chicken liver pate and meat balls to help his body heal and improve the immune system. I used to keep him on a towel in a card board box next to the sofa when watching TV. Often I would lift him up and lay him on my chest so he could hear my heart beat. This made him feel secure and fall asleep soon.
I felt concerned about leaving him already after a couple of weeks. But we had a trip scheduled and the house / dog sitter did not want to look after him (on top of the other 3 dogs). So, the only choice was to let the employees at the dolomite plant take care of him.
Upon returning 5 weeks later we could hardly believe our eyes. The little scrawny looking creature had turned into a beautiful chocolate colored (real) puppy with a shiny and healthy looking fur coat and no limp! What a miracle! The employees were pleased and proud to show us the result.

We took Joe back to the house to live with us, Ginger, Oscar and Zorra. Today Joe is a tremendously dedicated dog who takes his job as “head of security” very seriously. Everybody that enters the property get a good inspection before being approved. Also, he loves to play with his football. Joe is not a big dog but he commands a lot of respect because of his personality and confidence. He is a wonderful dog and companion.
About the Author:
Anne Brorsen is Danish and has lived in Punta Gorda since in 1991. Together with her husband, Brian Holland, she came to Belize to start a business, Belize Minerals Ltd. which produces fine-ground dolomite.  
Since then they have adopted / rescued many “pot lickers”. Currently, the family includes 5 dogs at their residence and 3 at the dolomite plant. 

Janet Pratt
9/9/2011 05:40:31 am

Loved this article on Joe. And have already corresponded with Anne re donating money to PG Humane Society. We recently moved to PG with dog Gus (a young Doberman handful) and Klaus the serene self sufficient cat. Love this site and love what was done for young abandoned Joe. Will be donating and following the activities and needs of the PG Humane Society. SIncerely JP


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