Tom is a delightful dog. He is very vocal and talks a lot when he greets you. He has lots of energy and can easily jump straight up onto a table which he likes to do so you can pet him and give him lots of attention (we are trying to dissuade him from this habit which is not really good manners for a dog).

Tom was rescued in June 2009. Driving on a small road behind the dolomite plant Brian was disturbed to find a dog, so malnourished that it was barely able to stand up, being tied with a short piece of rope. When asked why the dog was chained the owner, who also is a Minister for a local church, said that the dog was trying to run away. Brian told the owner that the dog was probably just trying to find something to eat and “that God does not like it when you mistreat animals”. To this the man answered “God no care…!”

When rescued, Tom had such bad mange that he basically had no hair and the skin on one of his front legs had a long and deep crack. Although we already had 5 dogs we took him home so we could give his health and injuries sufficient attention. First, apart from lots of nutritious food, we had to treat the infection (with antibiotics) and the mange with 4 weekly injections of ivormectine (we could not use a topical medication due to the cracked skin).
This did help but we had to follow up with 60 days treatment with ivormectine given orally (recommended by Animal Medical Center in Belize City). Later, after he got better, we followed up the treatment with a red mangrove bark solution. Although this did help nothing seemed to completely cure the mange and when the treatment was discontinued the disease quickly returned. Finally, after consultations with AMC it was decided to permanently treat Tom twice a week with ivormectin given orally. And now he is a beautifully healthy and strong dog.

After a couple of fights between Jo and Tom we decided that Tom should stay at the dolomite plant which is his home today. He is very playful and a good guard dog. Every evening after having had their dinner, he and Betty plays a lot before walking a round with the security guards.
About the Author:
Anne Brorsen is Danish and has lived in Punta Gorda since in 1991. Together with her husband, Brian Holland, she came to Belize to start a business, Belize Minerals Ltd. which produces fine-ground dolomite.  
Since then they have adopted / rescued many “pot lickers”. Currently, the family includes 5 dogs at their residence and 3 at the dolomite plant. 

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